Mooreco VR

These are 2 VR experiences that I made in roughly 3-4 Months each about a year apart for an expo. 1 was for Gear Mobile VR and the other was for the Oculus Rift. The purpose of these experiences was to show off products that were at the show in an educational environment and drive people into the booth.

All artwork and scripting was done by me aside from the trees in the desktop environment.

Modeled in blender, baked in Toolbag 3, textures made in photoshop, and rendered in UE4

Aaron langston vrmain

Built for the rift, all books and chairs can be grabbed and moved and the tall tables on the left can be height adjusted.

Aaron langston vrcorner

Built for Rift

Aaron langston vrshelf

Built for Rift

Aaron langston mobile02

Built for mobile VR

Aaron langston mobile01

Built for mobile VR